The modern tantra path

the modern tantra path
The modern tantra path

The path of tantra only for couples?

Many people who hear about tantra take it for granted, that the path of tantra primarily has to do with concrete sexuality, which is why a partner, preferably of the opposite sex, must be present. Sure – because how else can you have sex? The idea of Tantra is far above such, downright somewhat naive views. In Tantra, the high school of eroticism, a goal is strived for, which lead categorizations such as “single” or “couple” very simply ad absurdum.

What does a single achieve with tantra?

In certain circumstances, someone who considers himself to be single, can gain more from studying and training tantra, than a duo could. Tantra Yoga is about yourself, your body, your temple. A partner is certainly a valuable instrument – a mirror – someone who can help you, whom you help to feel the energies, ultimately to let them flow freely. However, Tantra is not just about sex between two people.

Tantra breaks down emotional walls?

As a single you have probably put up a lot of barricades to protect your self-imposed status. The grandiose basic idea of Tantra – the solitude of all being – is so powerful that once it comes into your consciousness, such mere conceptual boundaries, such as the concepts of man and woman, single and couple, are completely superfluous and fundamentally dissolve.

How does all this help me, if I want a partner but can’t find one?

Just ask yourself the question: “What can’t find a partner?” To do this, partition your thinking. What does it matter that I’m not with a woman, a man? You will quickly realize that ultimately it is simply your thinking – a level of your thinking, a part that is positioned next to whoever wants a partner but does not feel able to make it happen.

The manifestation of being single in my head?

Whether you perceive this stage of the time without a partner in a negative sense or rather as freedom – it is a state that has arisen from limitations, prejudices, prejudices, moralisms, ethical principles, manipulation, misinformation – your view of life. And it’s the same state everyone else is in. Whether in a couple relationship or as a single. There is no difference.

Tantra opens me?

The goal of Tantra Yoga, regardless of all alleged currents in modern Tantra practice, is the union, the free flow of energies. The awakening of Kundalini, the rainbow serpent, a symbol of solitude, expanding over, through the seven chakras. Who should be surprised that in this union of all divine, creative energies, love par excellence, skin color, age, gender, relationship status, religion, body stature – all these judgments, distinctions, are completely irrelevant?

Tantra opens up a new basis for relationships?

To put it simply, the love of creation needs a place in you where it feels comfortable so that it can expand. It’s always been there – more powerful than you could ever imagine. Yes, you can’t really tell. The energies that you release in tantra exercises, in tantra consciousness, are like water in your dried up, desert-like garden.

I allready got a garden?

Depending on how you look at it. Then Tantra becomes the ultimate fulfillment for you. It is important that the perfection, that Tantra can achieve, is to connect the sexual fulfillment, the physicality, with the spiritual level. The dissolution of the blockages in the chakras, the declared goal of Tantra, aims to do just that. Samadhi, enlightenment, is nothing more than the transcendence of body and mind, the dissolution of any difference that could even be formulated.

How can I imagine Tantra in a practical way?

As we can see in ourselves, the physical love, touch, sex, releases amazing currents of energy in us. In tantra we learn to focus this energy. On the one hand, this is a really down-to-earth issue of physical training, and on the other, it is a change in the system of thought. Tantra is holistic. Just as it is about the „erotic“ body, how we prepare it for moments of the highest ecstasy, it is also about nutrition, care, and the preservation of the wonderful temple that creation made available to us Has.

Tantra is trying to expand love?

The basic idea of love is expansion. In other words: love strives to embrace everything out of us – in each of us it is – mostly asleep. The flow of energies, its striving to carry our body unhindered into the infinity of all energies – here it becomes very practical, almost physically evident. The Tantra method fills trenches, builds bridges, creates a wonderful place where love feels comfortable.


The general term „Tantra“ encompasses a number of currents, different schools of Tantra. Although Tantra has to do very specifically with sex and sexuality, it is not just about the development of these terms. Rather, the ancient, Vedic tradition of Tantra sees itself as a universal key to the harmonious development of the primal potential of love that slumbers in each of us. There is no separation of spirit and flesh, the body is a lust-giving sacred gift. Every minute moment in life is divine.

Th. Om

the modern tantra path
Tthe modern tantra path

Nailed to the cross of life with values?

Malicious words

There are quite a few words that are consistently positive; with the best will in the world, you won’t find any negativism in them. For example, there would be trust, peace, compassion and many more. Well – there are also letter combinations that are consistently negative, bad, you could say. This by no means means swear words, the ego works much more subtly. The special word that we take a closer look at is „values“.

Value system equals dualism

What is meant are the values ​​of people in their lives. As soon as we have this word in front of our eyes, it has already drawn us into duality with improbable sophistication. Quite fascinating. The word „values“ is just another concept for ego thinking. The dualism. The value system. The fragmentation and exclusion. The separation from God and creation. Word connections emerge. „Unworthy of life“ – very threatening. But also: “valuable” “worthless” – completely blurred, divided into countless levels of meaning.

The stumbling comma

And that’s the whole point. Because it would be perfectly possible to fill the Bavarian State Library with a treatise on human values. And the ego would clap its hands enthusiastically and smile happily. Value – the very word calls for special attention. It also calls for judgment. Every value is preceded by a judgment. Value judgment. So with which the point begins to bounce.

Noble values

The beast „Value“ bites its own tail and howls with joy. And everyone who even gets near her is sprayed with her drool. Many simply attach the word to money. Their life apparently consists of material values. Others, a little more spiritualized, also think of honor, fame, power, and so on. But these are always manifestations of the judgment, with it guilt, fear, death and therefore impermanence – and with it the vulnerability of the idea of ​​God, which is nevertheless eternal.

No zero point of a valence

So it is impossible for us in this jumble of scales and judgments, opinions and advice to find a trustworthy, solid basis, a zero point of the concept of value. Because of the meaninglessness of the word, there can be no such thing. That is the human dilemma. They try to find God in this chaotic value system, which the ego has installed so excellently. Understandably, that can’t work. God does not judge. He is.

We are part of the value mindset

As long as we look at the world from the perspective of this system of thought, this system of values, and as long as we are part of the hierarchy ourselves, we are trapped. A value always requires a „good“ or a „bad“ – means „good“ or „bad“. Do you understand? This catapulted evil into people’s minds. Without value, there could be no “bad”. And here it lies, hidden under the dark cloths of consumerism – the solution – the dissolution.

Love knows no valences

Is there a value system in love? Does it know any differences? Love, as everyone can see from many very practical examples in his or her life, dissolves the value system. That sounds threatening now. What would we be without our value system? A horde of smoking, messing hippies? (Which brings us again – that’s the wickedness of this word – landed in the middle of dualism)

An underground of sin, fear and death

In fact, a picture from Buddhism describes this seemingly mechanistic scenario of the dissolution of our thought system, excellent – it is about so much more than our social behavior. We stand with our thinking on a black ground, formed of sin, guilt, judgment – the ground contains death and transience, pain and illness. The value system. In front of us a dark, looming abyss, flames flicker.

Now knows no valences – only here is true love at home

The holy moment, the one moment in which we recognize that the now is love, the tiny point in time when it becomes clear to us, that it, the creation, is completely above all judgment, that our cruel, self-tormenting thinking is only one Dream, only illusion, is in the face of a merciful Creator, whose beloved children we are – that is the step into this black abyss – and at the same moment you stand on „golden ground“.

Process of transformation in the world of value

And stay in the world of values. But from now on the process of transformation begins. The doors, gates, to new layers of knowledge open up, the fetters of the dualistic system of thought, the values, slowly disintegrate – tenderly touched by the truth – to the nothing that they always meant. Your world begins to shine again in the bright light of the positive. The fears evaporate – they were never real.


True love has the power to dissolve the world society system of values ​​that we have imagined – and apparently also lived. Indeed, every wish of its omnipotence has been a reality since the beginning of time. But we don’t speak their language, we can’t understand it, so we ignore it. Our means of communication is the notion of value. Let us see the truth, stop speaking and thinking in the wrong tongues of guilt – let us use the communication medium of love forever!

Is our belief selfishness?

belief, selfishness

A fundamental term?

Wow! Now we landed in fundamentalism. The concept of belief – it seems like it was made to part opinions. A completely subjective matter, one might think. Completely private and more or less intimate. But of course every belief has roots. By definition, alone, these are very deep. They are anchored in what one calls life, upbringing, the learning of irrevocable principles, which one bends for oneself, at least in one’s mind. Whether one lives one’s faith is another question.

The truth shattered?

What do we beliefe? Where? And in what relationship? How? Why? Just looking a little openly, tells us, that our faith is deeply fragmented. Divided, splintered. There is this crystal ball, belief – and social thinking has shattered it into thousands upon thousands of splinters. Our task as human beings now seems to be (at least we try our best) to find the one among these splinters who contains the truth.

The lack of wholeness hurts subtly?

In fact, when one of us sees one of these splinters shining on our way, he – in a very human manner – claims it for himself in his faith – defends down to the knife and only lets go when he sees a more beautiful fragment, one that he likes better. The fact that people are looking for the former shape of the shattered ball, the wholeness, the solitude, that does not reach their consciousness, only hurts them very subtly in the background.

Would I like to do already?

And even if you want to recognize a wholeness in your spirituality, your faith, you still spoil your gaze by overloading the picture with dualities, with heaven and hell, with hierarchies of angels and gods and saints, with rituals Secrets, with magic.

Belief – that is, specifically, wanting to perceive the truth in something. Where do we find truth in this existence, this time, this world?

Preambles and algorithms?

We believe in different things in different categories – all explained by the preambles and algorithms of the world community. Not an objective truth, it is rather a completely chaotic, unstable framework of lies made from the subjectively deformed fragments of the former truth, jumbled together shakily. Nothing about this something is worth believing in, in the sense of a Creator, in the sense of believing in a God.

Is the truth in the past?

Is the truth in fleeting things? Is it in the future? Is it in the reason of humanity? What is truth anyway?

The pure truth is, by definition, completely unprejudiced.

That excludes … our world. Our complete thought system.

But what is completely without judgment, knows no good and no bad, is always only positive and is always trustworthy? Is it always whole and not divisible? Absolute love. Ergo – the creation.

Faith is wholeness?

I mean, take a look! There is the crystal ball of true faith, gloriously shining, glistening, light itself. It was never broken! And realize how wonderful! We no longer need to search for the truth under the splinters, we can go into love with full confidence. In this way – and only in this way – is it possible to come to wholeness – by realizing that every act of love is a further step to the sacred peak.

Creation knows no secrets?

The lived, shown, perceived, reflected, expanding love will put the crystal ball of faith and truth back together for you, very personally, you will realize that it was never broken. Ha! You will say now. It’s too easy for me. Just love – and that’s all? Yes! In fact, it’s that simple. Creation is not a secret, knows no secrets. God is here now. Put love into practice. Now. Without problems. Love them! Love with total honesty!

Is love the way into light?

Wherever you are. Whatever your opinion about the universe, about God, about religion, whatever your view of life may be – to love, not in perfection, but as best you can – get involved in love, to believe in you, in to see the truth in it, to trust in it – that is the way into the light. That is true belief. We all go on this path, but still surrounded by darkness. Love gently dissolves this darkness towards the nothing of which this darkness always consisted.


True faith is love – and love graciously dissolves the thought of guilty bodies, trapped in impermanence, condemned to death and sin. Whoever makes this one decision of lived love – the creation will embrace him, he has escaped fear. He can go his way full of trust at the hand of the loving father. The choice: injure yourself on the illusion fragments of the fragmented former truth or immerse yourself in the ball of truth of belief in complete love. There are only these two choices in life.

How about loneliness in spirituality?


I often don’t understand my spirituality, do I feel alone?

How often do you hear and read that enlightenment can only be found in oneself, people become hermits, take vows of silence, go into “foreigners” and withdraw into rituals. The picture that the Catholic Church paints of her Savior (deep in the minds of mankind) is that of a lonely person on the cross. The profiles of every prophet show how aloof these heralds of a new truth were presented – knowledge separates – one might think.


You see! All lonely! Logical, right?

If someone has knowledge that is inaccessible to others, then somehow they have to be alone. That seems all too understandable. But it is precisely here that we commit a decisive mistake in understanding. Because the knowledge of the truth that enlightenment holds ready port for port is precisely the knowledge of love. So it turns out that the view that an enlightened one, or someone on the way there is lonely, is just a reflection, a projection of our own loneliness.

Lonely in the chaos of the world?

A somewhat confused story. There is someone standing on an island, the ground dry, no vegetation, yet he has always defended this island down to the blood. On his island he wages a daily struggle for survival, for the daily food, he even has to pay rent for his refuge. New waves of fear, guilt, and sin are constantly rolling in. And time is running out. Tempus fugit. There are other islands around him, but he cannot reach them, even if it sometimes seems so.

A light on the horizon

What is so twisted about the story: The person on this, his individual island, in his dry garden, sees this light on the horizon. It comes from the bright white sail of a magnificent ship that is cruising on the sea of ​​love that surrounds his little island. And what does our islander think? “What must this ship feel lonely!” Does a shiver run down your spine too?

But how do I turn it around – do I feel alone with an overwhelming secret?

Lonely and alone – these are two more differentiations – from which we fundamentally want to keep our distance. The crux of this question, this argument is the word „secret“. The simple fact is that love knows no secrets, nor is it a secret itself. The path of spirituality, the path to enlightenment, is the path of love, is this ocean of gentle care that surrounds us – and the further we progress, the clearer it becomes to us – what we have until then, in our blindness of the chaos remained hidden.

What kind of love would that be, what kind of enlightenment that tries to make a secret of itself?

True religion knows no secret, no magic. The path to another system of thought, which is not based on the confusion of the experienced world, but rather means the path to exclusive, absolute love, is open to everyone. It is not necessary to chastise yourself, to follow any magical rituals, to know any formulas, or to increase any materials.

Does the knowledge reach us?

Whoever only invites love, who calls it, will receive an answer. For this it is neither necessary to celebrate certain rituals known only to the “initiated”, nor to learn the catechism by heart. The point here is simply to recognize that we live in an absolute love, seem to own our island here. As an island separated from the sea of ​​this love, only slightly wetted, humidified. We are afraid of the sea.

Is love all encompassing?

When we acknowledge solitude, the fact that creation is love, we acknowledge its absolute, all-embracing nature. We recognize that our island must therefore be a fantasy, in its solitariness, that it is forged from thought fragments that are based on prejudices, judgments, evaluations, rules and manipulation. What we feel, see, taste, hear, think – is an illusion.

A daring step on a golden rock?

Here it is again – this step into an abyss that leads to a secure footing on a golden rock. (A parable from Zen) If we use the thought system that we have learned as an absolute must, as a basis for survival, if we replace this thought system with the truth – namely love – if we only ask for it in the beginning – the knowledge comes us. Door by door. Unstoppable.

Absolute love cannot know loneliness

Anyone who consciously embarks on this path, willing to learn, will notice how any feelings of loneliness and loneliness easily dissolve. Love means compassion, means forgiveness, means the negation of all differences, ultimately means the mental dissolution of the opposite as a body – towards one’s own self in solitude. What you do to your brother, you do to yourself. You will do him love.


Love, even in its smallest aspect, in a reflection no matter how tiny it appears, is always all-encompassing and completely whole. Our thought system, (our ego) that always seeks error and meaning in the outside, is built on the completely crazy basis of dualism. So we are seldom and mostly not at all able to recognize love in its entirety, to see it. Love dissolves this framework, this foundation, this web that blindly sustains us, replaces it – with itself.

Bodyprison? Body and Spirit

Body, Prison

Sensitive terminology?

A subject – almost too big to write about. Very close to us, a sensitive terminology that needs to be handled with care. So please fasten your seat belts because we are going to ignore this principle. Let’s start with a few basics. Bodies are made of matter. Matter, that is what the whole universe visible to us consists of. In this respect, a small, relieving thought at the beginning, we are a bit closer to solitude.

Salvation always goes beyond physicality?

The ultimate conclusion of all religions, the idea of ​​salvation through an overpowering God, always goes beyond the idea of ​​corporeality. You could also say that it always goes beyond matter. That doesn’t seem surprising when we look at what’s behind the matter. Matter consists of atoms, atoms in turn from the atomic nucleus, the shell that the electrons shoot at, as well as a few protons and neutrons that scurry around in the nucleus.

99.6 percent nothing?

If we imagine the atomic nucleus as big as a soccer ball, it would be about 10 kilometers from this center point to the electrons – through NOTHING. That means we, more precisely our body, consists of 99.6 percent nothing. If we go one level higher, we are made of water, one level down, says Nobel Prize winner Hans-Peter-Dürr, who physically addresses our problem as an enlightened scientist – that there is no matter at all in the sense described to us.

Neural network?

The mind, the thoughts, our memory, the control center for our body, if we use science, is a neural network. Incredibly complicated, but that’s about it. A really nice picture that physics paints of our body. But away from all this theory, which, when thought through to the end, only underlines the great idea by means of abstract evidence. So, away from quantum mechanics and wave functions.

All we have

No description, however detailed, can put into words what we really feel for, with, through, in our body, which we equate with our self. Many people simply believe that the body is all we have. An expensive commodity that still needs to be polished up and invested in. Beauty, aesthetics as the key to life. Others rely on the mind. Which they reach through the senses of the body.

Beauty and strength?

So the body is very obviously the focus of our interest. Bodies can love each other, bodies can hate each other, can attack, have to defend themselves. Physically, martially. Beauty. Force. Endurance. Frailty, infirmity, old age. A very big thing is given to us there. Indeed, bodies play the decisive role in this great illusion.

The body reflects the world?

If we look at the idea of ​​the body, step aside a little, we can see that all suffering, including happiness, the whole world with its meaning, the educational and social systems, our social status, our love, our life par excellence, is reflected on what is defined as a body, as a living body. Attachments, the Buddhist would say.


Life and death. The body is ephemeral, it only lasts for a certain period of time. As the holder of the Federal Cross of Merit, the Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award) H. P. Dürr recognizes, we consist of nothing (and everything), physics says of water – so it cannot be our body that affects our “life”. It becomes obvious that there has to be more. Our mind is not just thinking, it is expressed through the body.

The mind is the actual body?

Our mind, our thinking, gives life and meaning to the jumble of atoms. Our mind coordinates. If you will, it is the actual body. Understanding the tremendous importance of this conclusion is awe-inspiring astonishment. Because yes – we think. We think our body. The ego wants to prove us wrong, every second of our lives. And it brings in an infinite number of witnesses.

The incorruptible witnesses?

What are these witnesses? There is birth, sickness, sin, death. The differences between beautiful and ugly, between rich and poor. Between powerful and powerless, healthy and sick. This is the wheel of life. The wheel of impermanence? This is the home of the ego, guilt and attack, necessary defense. That is the empire of the body. Everyone all alone. Impossible to really unite, the love that is postulated in the body world is only surface.

No love in the body world?

Here, in these thoughts, the real love of creation has no entrance. This is a world that continues to separate itself from God in a fragmented view of things. As long as we are convinced that we are, as a body, part of this body world, we accept impermanence and suffering, sin and fear as our existence. Understanding, knowledge, cannot come to bodies. It is a matter of building the altar in the spirit.

The body is an end and not a means for us?

The point is very clear: you see the body as an end – not a means. All of your endeavors are aimed at making the body more comfortable, more pleasant. With this you unconditionally accept the rules of the ego. But: In order to escape this whole, appalling chaos, you don’t need more than to recognize it once. Once completely remove the body from your senses.

The body is fragmented time?

In no moment does the body even exist. It is always a mental anticipation or a memory. Only because the future and past of this thing seem to exist can it pass as real. And only because fragmented time is defined can sin, guilt, fear and despair also exist. In the now, in the absolute moment, in the holy moment, which opens up when the body is only completely removed from your mind for a very short time, the miracle happens.

In the now is the resolution?

That is the realization, the resolution. You return to your body, but in an awareness that has nothing to do with the before. As long as you dwell in the past and the future, it is not possible to accept this blessed moment. You are also unable to prepare for it without moving it into the future. But many spend a long time, their entire lifespan, in this state of preparation – and they certainly achieve success here and there.

The goal of absolute love?

It could be that you are on your way trying to achieve a goal that you have accepted.

But it is extremely difficult to want to fight against sin, to want to dissolve it – because that is how one manifests it. A tremendous, extremely stressful effort to try to see as sacred what you actually hate and despise. Just like the deep contemplation, the seclusion of the hermits, the long hours of meditation – all with the aim of letting go of the body. This preparation is simply unnecessary. .

Always crowned with sacred success?

Certainly, with no question whatsoever, these attempts, these paths of spirituality, are ultimately crowned with success. Just because their goal is love. But they are time-consuming and just as often unspeakably arduous. These means, which are used in good faith (in the truest sense of the word), are only oriented towards the future, with the aim of achieving salvation from a state of present inadequacy and unworthiness.

I don’t need to do anything?

“I don’t need to do anything.” This sentence, this conviction, implies complete trust, loyalty, undivided loyalty. Internalize this for just a tiny moment, and you will achieve more than all the time you spent contemplating and fighting temptation and sin. Understand: When you do something, you inevitably involve the body. When you understand that there is nothing to be done, you are pulling the body out of your mind. The „now“ opens up, a door next to the time, a shortcut. Time no longer exists here, because if you don’t do anything, you don’t need it. No sin and no time.

The holy moment?

This is the place that the Holy Spirit seeks, where he is always available for you, the resting point in the chaos of the world, filling your inner center, amidst all the busy activities of the ego. Here the awareness is outside the body, the limitation that the body represents has come to an end. The body was made to limit the infinite. It is a limitation of love. As long as you rely on the senses of the body, you will not be able to see the real size that is all around you.

We undoubtedly see ourselves as bodies?

Now the body is an inescapable part of our existence. A part of creation, tool and instrument given to us to know. It stands to reason that it also represents a way of getting closer to the truth, the goal. We know that our body, actually everything, is light reflection, is energy. In Tantra one sees a connection between blockages of the energy lines in our body manifestations and the flow of cosmic energy, the Prana, around us. With appropriate physical exercises (this is where the connection between mind and body opens up!) It is possible to dissolve these „chakra blockages“.

Tantra practices the idea of universality

What we can clearly see here is the attempt to actively put the thing with the abbreviation into practice. This simply means, through concentrated activity, to transcend activity. To get to a point where energies flow freely, merge and lead beyond physicality. After a long, long practice to this point of inaction, which is then internalized.


There is nothing to do but nothing to do. Without question, the body’s path to this goal leads through tantra. Here, in Tantra, one of the many paths, body and mind ultimately come together in a kind of dissolution. A transformation is taking place. The attributes of life are changing. Tantra is not necessarily physical – rather it is an idea – the source idea of universal understanding that underlies tantraism.

In the beginning there was smiling unconditionality

Unconditionality is absolute?

And there it is, the eternal unconditionality. But the human being, in the development of the free will given to him, was allowed to dream a tiny illusion of skepticism. Deeply shocked by this freedom, he was now afraid of what he regarded as almighty, and of whose existence he had doubted. From the tiny particle of unbelief, by potentiating this tiny doubt, this judgment, he created his sad, lonely world in which from then on he tried to hide from the unconditionality of creation.

Doesn’t true love exist in judgment?

In this world of judgment, doubt, fragmentation, true love has no place. Every single word of the so-called „communication“ operated by him not only reduces it to absurdity, but also describes it as downright ridiculous. This makes it clear that nothing at all that seems to be perceived in any way outside of this unconditionality could make even the slightest sense.

The belief that unconditionality is death?

There is the jumping point: We see ourselves, in bright moments, facing an unconditionality that only scares us. Even more: From our point of view, trapped in guilty verdict, we link this feeling, this actually indescribable something, with death, at the same time knotted with our concept of whatever “God”. This is pure fear. Terror, uncertainty, may be, horror.

Living in the fear of doubt?

But where is our horror, our fear ultimately based? We saw it. It’s the doubt, it’s the fragmentation. It is our ignorance, the inability of our thought system to see the whole. We doubt every second instead of accepting in silent gratitude. And we refuse to look to the source. We content ourselves with the allegations that arise from our fragmenting illusions. Transform these superficialities in our thinking by dividing them again and again into gigantic constructions.

The unconditional is loving!

This is the black paint that is poured onto the luminous image of the unconditional! This is the stinking dung heap that each and every one of them dumped on them! And it seems so infinitely difficult to us to recognize that behind what we dream together we have given it the most terrible attributes, unconditionality – and that it is a loving unconditionality. We can trust her in everything.

No more reason to fear?

All of our fears are unfounded! But to look at them, to see the abyss that separates the deceptive underground of our dreams and our black fear of unconditionality means, that is, – to go into the darkness we have created ourselves – to realize that they never existed. We jump from our rock, step into the black throat, and at the same moment land on golden ground.

Pure, unalterable joy?

Do you understand what it means when you realize that unconditionality is loving? That is pure joy. Don’t worry, there are no worries left. You could burst with gratitude. This experience is a baptism towards meaning. A true rebirth, a recognition, an awakening. An orgasm, a conception, a birth, into unconditional trust, as it could never be experienced before.

Trustful knowledge of the right path?

Trust in creation, in the Father, by whose hand we move without even the slightest hint of fear, certainly that we have been guided by him on the right path. May the path seem rocky now and then. We know that every single pebble we encounter is where it is, in the perfect place. Just as we do and are exactly the right thing in our life, which is now so unconditionally, and more and more, flooded with noticeable love of creation. This is how it is.


When we realize that all the hierarchies from which we have tinkered our lives together have been dissolved from the unconditional in love since the beginning of time, since all eternity, the infinity, then only the happy trust of the little child remains. Of the grinning fool. The meditating Buddha. Let the children and the fools come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Th. Om