Nailed to the cross of life with values?

Malicious words

There are quite a few words that are consistently positive; with the best will in the world, you won’t find any negativism in them. For example, there would be trust, peace, compassion and many more. Well – there are also letter combinations that are consistently negative, bad, you could say. This by no means means swear words, the ego works much more subtly. The special word that we take a closer look at is „values“.

Value system equals dualism

What is meant are the values ​​of people in their lives. As soon as we have this word in front of our eyes, it has already drawn us into duality with improbable sophistication. Quite fascinating. The word „values“ is just another concept for ego thinking. The dualism. The value system. The fragmentation and exclusion. The separation from God and creation. Word connections emerge. „Unworthy of life“ – very threatening. But also: “valuable” “worthless” – completely blurred, divided into countless levels of meaning.

The stumbling comma

And that’s the whole point. Because it would be perfectly possible to fill the Bavarian State Library with a treatise on human values. And the ego would clap its hands enthusiastically and smile happily. Value – the very word calls for special attention. It also calls for judgment. Every value is preceded by a judgment. Value judgment. So with which the point begins to bounce.

Noble values

The beast „Value“ bites its own tail and howls with joy. And everyone who even gets near her is sprayed with her drool. Many simply attach the word to money. Their life apparently consists of material values. Others, a little more spiritualized, also think of honor, fame, power, and so on. But these are always manifestations of the judgment, with it guilt, fear, death and therefore impermanence – and with it the vulnerability of the idea of ​​God, which is nevertheless eternal.

No zero point of a valence

So it is impossible for us in this jumble of scales and judgments, opinions and advice to find a trustworthy, solid basis, a zero point of the concept of value. Because of the meaninglessness of the word, there can be no such thing. That is the human dilemma. They try to find God in this chaotic value system, which the ego has installed so excellently. Understandably, that can’t work. God does not judge. He is.

We are part of the value mindset

As long as we look at the world from the perspective of this system of thought, this system of values, and as long as we are part of the hierarchy ourselves, we are trapped. A value always requires a „good“ or a „bad“ – means „good“ or „bad“. Do you understand? This catapulted evil into people’s minds. Without value, there could be no “bad”. And here it lies, hidden under the dark cloths of consumerism – the solution – the dissolution.

Love knows no valences

Is there a value system in love? Does it know any differences? Love, as everyone can see from many very practical examples in his or her life, dissolves the value system. That sounds threatening now. What would we be without our value system? A horde of smoking, messing hippies? (Which brings us again – that’s the wickedness of this word – landed in the middle of dualism)

An underground of sin, fear and death

In fact, a picture from Buddhism describes this seemingly mechanistic scenario of the dissolution of our thought system, excellent – it is about so much more than our social behavior. We stand with our thinking on a black ground, formed of sin, guilt, judgment – the ground contains death and transience, pain and illness. The value system. In front of us a dark, looming abyss, flames flicker.

Now knows no valences – only here is true love at home

The holy moment, the one moment in which we recognize that the now is love, the tiny point in time when it becomes clear to us, that it, the creation, is completely above all judgment, that our cruel, self-tormenting thinking is only one Dream, only illusion, is in the face of a merciful Creator, whose beloved children we are – that is the step into this black abyss – and at the same moment you stand on „golden ground“.

Process of transformation in the world of value

And stay in the world of values. But from now on the process of transformation begins. The doors, gates, to new layers of knowledge open up, the fetters of the dualistic system of thought, the values, slowly disintegrate – tenderly touched by the truth – to the nothing that they always meant. Your world begins to shine again in the bright light of the positive. The fears evaporate – they were never real.


True love has the power to dissolve the world society system of values ​​that we have imagined – and apparently also lived. Indeed, every wish of its omnipotence has been a reality since the beginning of time. But we don’t speak their language, we can’t understand it, so we ignore it. Our means of communication is the notion of value. Let us see the truth, stop speaking and thinking in the wrong tongues of guilt – let us use the communication medium of love forever!

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