The modern tantra path

The modern tantra path

The path of tantra only for couples?

Many people who hear about tantra take it for granted, that the path of tantra primarily has to do with concrete sexuality, which is why a partner, preferably of the opposite sex, must be present. Sure – because how else can you have sex? The idea of Tantra is far above such, downright somewhat naive views. In Tantra, the high school of eroticism, a goal is strived for, which lead categorizations such as “single” or “couple” very simply ad absurdum.

What does a single achieve with tantra?

In certain circumstances, someone who considers himself to be single, can gain more from studying and training tantra, than a duo could. Tantra Yoga is about yourself, your body, your temple. A partner is certainly a valuable instrument – a mirror – someone who can help you, whom you help to feel the energies, ultimately to let them flow freely. However, Tantra is not just about sex between two people.

Tantra breaks down emotional walls?

As a single you have probably put up a lot of barricades to protect your self-imposed status. The grandiose basic idea of Tantra – the solitude of all being – is so powerful that once it comes into your consciousness, such mere conceptual boundaries, such as the concepts of man and woman, single and couple, are completely superfluous and fundamentally dissolve.

How does all this help me, if I want a partner but can’t find one?

Just ask yourself the question: “What can’t find a partner?” To do this, partition your thinking. What does it matter that I’m not with a woman, a man? You will quickly realize that ultimately it is simply your thinking – a level of your thinking, a part that is positioned next to whoever wants a partner but does not feel able to make it happen.

The manifestation of being single in my head?

Whether you perceive this stage of the time without a partner in a negative sense or rather as freedom – it is a state that has arisen from limitations, prejudices, prejudices, moralisms, ethical principles, manipulation, misinformation – your view of life. And it’s the same state everyone else is in. Whether in a couple relationship or as a single. There is no difference.

Tantra opens me?

The goal of Tantra Yoga, regardless of all alleged currents in modern Tantra practice, is the union, the free flow of energies. The awakening of Kundalini, the rainbow serpent, a symbol of solitude, expanding over, through the seven chakras. Who should be surprised that in this union of all divine, creative energies, love par excellence, skin color, age, gender, relationship status, religion, body stature – all these judgments, distinctions, are completely irrelevant?

Tantra opens up a new basis for relationships?

To put it simply, the love of creation needs a place in you where it feels comfortable so that it can expand. It’s always been there – more powerful than you could ever imagine. Yes, you can’t really tell. The energies that you release in tantra exercises, in tantra consciousness, are like water in your dried up, desert-like garden.

I allready got a garden?

Depending on how you look at it. Then Tantra becomes the ultimate fulfillment for you. It is important that the perfection, that Tantra can achieve, is to connect the sexual fulfillment, the physicality, with the spiritual level. The dissolution of the blockages in the chakras, the declared goal of Tantra, aims to do just that. Samadhi, enlightenment, is nothing more than the transcendence of body and mind, the dissolution of any difference that could even be formulated.

How can I imagine Tantra in a practical way?

As we can see in ourselves, the physical love, touch, sex, releases amazing currents of energy in us. In tantra we learn to focus this energy. On the one hand, this is a really down-to-earth issue of physical training, and on the other, it is a change in the system of thought. Tantra is holistic. Just as it is about the „erotic“ body, how we prepare it for moments of the highest ecstasy, it is also about nutrition, care, and the preservation of the wonderful temple that creation made available to us Has.

Tantra is trying to expand love?

The basic idea of love is expansion. In other words: love strives to embrace everything out of us – in each of us it is – mostly asleep. The flow of energies, its striving to carry our body unhindered into the infinity of all energies – here it becomes very practical, almost physically evident. The Tantra method fills trenches, builds bridges, creates a wonderful place where love feels comfortable.


The general term „Tantra“ encompasses a number of currents, different schools of Tantra. Although Tantra has to do very specifically with sex and sexuality, it is not just about the development of these terms. Rather, the ancient, Vedic tradition of Tantra sees itself as a universal key to the harmonious development of the primal potential of love that slumbers in each of us. There is no separation of spirit and flesh, the body is a lust-giving sacred gift. Every minute moment in life is divine.

Th. Om

the modern tantra path
Tthe modern tantra path

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