Is our belief selfishness?

A fundamental term?

Wow! Now we landed in fundamentalism. The concept of belief – it seems like it was made to part opinions. A completely subjective matter, one might think. Completely private and more or less intimate. But of course every belief has roots. By definition, alone, these are very deep. They are anchored in what one calls life, upbringing, the learning of irrevocable principles, which one bends for oneself, at least in one’s mind. Whether one lives one’s faith is another question.

The truth shattered?

What do we beliefe? Where? And in what relationship? How? Why? Just looking a little openly, tells us, that our faith is deeply fragmented. Divided, splintered. There is this crystal ball, belief – and social thinking has shattered it into thousands upon thousands of splinters. Our task as human beings now seems to be (at least we try our best) to find the one among these splinters who contains the truth.

The lack of wholeness hurts subtly?

In fact, when one of us sees one of these splinters shining on our way, he – in a very human manner – claims it for himself in his faith – defends down to the knife and only lets go when he sees a more beautiful fragment, one that he likes better. The fact that people are looking for the former shape of the shattered ball, the wholeness, the solitude, that does not reach their consciousness, only hurts them very subtly in the background.

Would I like to do already?

And even if you want to recognize a wholeness in your spirituality, your faith, you still spoil your gaze by overloading the picture with dualities, with heaven and hell, with hierarchies of angels and gods and saints, with rituals Secrets, with magic.

Belief – that is, specifically, wanting to perceive the truth in something. Where do we find truth in this existence, this time, this world?

Preambles and algorithms?

We believe in different things in different categories – all explained by the preambles and algorithms of the world community. Not an objective truth, it is rather a completely chaotic, unstable framework of lies made from the subjectively deformed fragments of the former truth, jumbled together shakily. Nothing about this something is worth believing in, in the sense of a Creator, in the sense of believing in a God.

Is the truth in the past?

Is the truth in fleeting things? Is it in the future? Is it in the reason of humanity? What is truth anyway?

The pure truth is, by definition, completely unprejudiced.

That excludes … our world. Our complete thought system.

But what is completely without judgment, knows no good and no bad, is always only positive and is always trustworthy? Is it always whole and not divisible? Absolute love. Ergo – the creation.

Faith is wholeness?

I mean, take a look! There is the crystal ball of true faith, gloriously shining, glistening, light itself. It was never broken! And realize how wonderful! We no longer need to search for the truth under the splinters, we can go into love with full confidence. In this way – and only in this way – is it possible to come to wholeness – by realizing that every act of love is a further step to the sacred peak.

Creation knows no secrets?

The lived, shown, perceived, reflected, expanding love will put the crystal ball of faith and truth back together for you, very personally, you will realize that it was never broken. Ha! You will say now. It’s too easy for me. Just love – and that’s all? Yes! In fact, it’s that simple. Creation is not a secret, knows no secrets. God is here now. Put love into practice. Now. Without problems. Love them! Love with total honesty!

Is love the way into light?

Wherever you are. Whatever your opinion about the universe, about God, about religion, whatever your view of life may be – to love, not in perfection, but as best you can – get involved in love, to believe in you, in to see the truth in it, to trust in it – that is the way into the light. That is true belief. We all go on this path, but still surrounded by darkness. Love gently dissolves this darkness towards the nothing of which this darkness always consisted.


True faith is love – and love graciously dissolves the thought of guilty bodies, trapped in impermanence, condemned to death and sin. Whoever makes this one decision of lived love – the creation will embrace him, he has escaped fear. He can go his way full of trust at the hand of the loving father. The choice: injure yourself on the illusion fragments of the fragmented former truth or immerse yourself in the ball of truth of belief in complete love. There are only these two choices in life.

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